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The IBFed

 Intercontinental Boxing Federation (IBFed)

The Intercontinental Boxing Federation (IBFed) is a renowned international organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the sport of boxing worldwide. Founded in 2018, IBFed has gained prominence and increasing recognition for its initiatives and commitment to boxing and social causes.


IBFed was established in 2018 as a response to the need for an organization that would unite and represent boxers from diverse regions around the globe. Since its inception, IBFed has been committed to raising the profile of intercontinental boxing, promoting high-level competitions and creating opportunities for talented athletes to demonstrate their skills.


IBFed's main goal is to foster the growth and popularity of boxing on all continents by providing a fair and safe environment for athletes to compete. In addition, the federation is committed to improving the image of boxing by promoting values such as ethics, respect, discipline and fair play among its members.

Database and Online Portal

One of IBFed's distinguishing features is its detailed database system, available on its official website. This comprehensive database gathers information on all members of the organization, including boxers, coaches, referees, and other professionals involved in the sport. This innovative approach ensures transparency and enables efficient data management across the federation.

Registration with UN ECOSOC

IBFed is an internationally recognized organization and has its registration with the ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council) of the United Nations. This recognition underscores the importance and positive impact that IBFed has on society, both in the sporting and social spheres.

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
In addition to promoting the sport of boxing, IBFed is also engaged in social work and volunteering, helping people in need and with special needs. Through partnerships with humanitarian organizations, IBFed develops projects and initiatives with the aim of improving the quality of life of less privileged communities, using sport as a tool for inclusion and overcoming.

International Board of Directors

IBFed's management is made up of a diverse and dedicated team of professionals, with representatives on each of the five continents. This geographical scope reflects the federation's commitment to promoting boxing on a global scale and ensuring adequate representation of all regions.

IBFed continues to grow and play a crucial role in the development of intercontinental boxing. With its detailed database system, its registration with UN ECOSOC and its involvement in social work and volunteerism, IBFed demonstrates a strong commitment to promoting sport and contributing to society in a positive way.

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